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The history of the Internet is well documented, and its popularity and importance is demonstrated by the ubiquity of the World Wide Web. 1.2 billion people (eighteen percent of the world's population!) are online. This network has the advantage of being pervasive, but also has a disadvantage in that it is available to anyone - including those with less than sincere interests.

The Rise of the Private Internet...

Home computer technology has advanced well beyond the 1990s vision of the World Wide Web. Today, CPUs are faster, hard drive space is cheaper, and virtually everyone has broadband connections.

The term Private Internet describes an enabling technology that moves your Internet activities from a public, unsecure environment to one that is private and secure. The Private Internet allows one to move from feeling outnumbered in a possibly hostile crowd to relaxing in a comfortable space filled with only familiar faces.

It's Your Data!

2Peer services help you keep your valuable data under your control. Unlike traditional Web Services, where you have to upload your files and then manage your data on another company's equipment, 2PeerDesktop saves you time by letting you manage your information on your own computer. You decide what you want to share and with whom by extending and accepting invitations. This means that you know exactly where your data is located and who has access to it. Safe, secure and without limits. 2Peer puts you in control - this is Your Private Internet!

As in the real world, there are things that you do in public...and then, there are things that you only want to do with your friends and family. 2Peer gives you the ability to communicate and interact privately and securely with only the people you choose.

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